We are an exceptional team of engineers, designers and artists who research, design and develop mobile solutions that people love.


We create engaging and intuitive user experiences through our systematic design process. We start with personas and storyboards. We then create graphical designs grounded in simplicity, usability, and delight — even if it presents an engineering challenge.


We engineer with a goal of producing the most stable and best performing applications in the market. We don’t mass produce apps - everyone is customized and crafted with thought and love.


Our QA team ensures that our clients get their designs. Apps that are not just functional, but pixel perfect too. We go beyond unit and automated testing - our team tests apps in real world conditions. Thin pipes. Often with multiple wireless connections. With GPS sensors and NFC tags.


Our skills run wide and deep, but our core expertise is still in mobile application development. We have developed on multiple mobile platforms for tablet, smartphone, and feature phone development. We are open source contributors, are champions on developer sites and have licensed software to phone manufacturers.


Every mobile app needs a service layer to fuel it. We have developed expertise in backend application construction, regardless of its location in the cloud or behind a corporate firewall. We have coded in Java, .NET, Python…


With the advent of ubiquitous connectivity, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things, we are delivering projects that require amazing uses of hardware components. Integrating them often means going down to the metal in the development stack and tackling the bits and bytes.

We only employ people who believe in our values. We're driven most by wanting to change the world. But we're not altruists. We're respectful of each other, pragmatic, and above all extremely resourceful. We believe in delivering working software over comprehensive documentation. We're a team — and we deliver what we commit to.

Inova IT

Jadranska 25a
2000 Maribor
Slovenia, EU