Platform for Coordinated Chronic Care Management
In 2016. Inova IT and Marand have successfully applied for the co-financing of research and development project to develop Platform for Coordinated Chronic Care Management.

Project will upgrade existing Think!EHR health data platform from Marand to an end to end, modular solution, for a comprehensive and uniform information support to the care process of chronic patients. The solution will allow continuous monitoring of patients in hospital setting, outpatient clinic and patients home.

Think!EHR Platform is a high-performance solution designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange structured electronic health record data based on the latest release of openEHR specifications. All structured clinical information is stored in vendor-independent archetypes and templates allowing standard data entry and retrieval with terminology based validation.

The new framework upgrades the data layer by incorporating a separate business process layer for clinical pathways and order set designs without coding efforts. In the same manner, decision support layer, integrated with clinical processes, to allow for maximum configuration capabilities, tasks and activities design and user interfaces (care team and patient facing applications) are separated to allow for modular application building.

Link to the product webpage:
Marand d.o.o. (lead partner)
Inova IT d.o.o. (project partner)
1.5 mio€ (co-financing by the public funds 494.883€)
9.9.2016 - 8.09.2018
Samo Drnovšek
In the first phase of the project, Marand is upgrading the existing platform for health and health related data by:

  1. Establishing a separate independent application process layer (functionalities to manage and activate business processes and action messages). The key characteristic of the next generation applications and a necessary foundation for ecosystem approach is the separation of clinical and process data from the application, presentation layer, which will be established within the first phase of the R&D project.
  2. Developing tools above Think!EHR platform that allows building openEHR archetypes and templates and generating forms on top of the data without programming.
  3. Developing other infrastructure required to build a robust end-to-end solution (authorization and authentication, portal framework, separate demography, terminology server).

In the second phase of the project, the partners are focusing on the establishment of presentational and business services layer by:

  1. Developing a portal and mobile application for healthcare professionals and patients.
  2. Developing business services modules (user management, document management, order sets module, module for monitoring the execution of tasks and assignments).

The third phase is focused on pursuing the goal of rapidly launching the product and individual modules to the market. This phase of the project envisages the preparation of an innovation action plan, a commercialization strategy and an action plan for dissemination, laying the foundations for rapid marketization of the product.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More information on the European cohesion program in Slovenia is available at